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About Stan Kassan

I am recognized as an innovative problem solver who will give you a choice of solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Being local allows me the opportunity to meet face to face with my clients.

Combining my experience with all of the new equity release programs available makes working together very beneficial for you.

You have questions ….

I have answers.

Customer Testimonials

Several weeks ago I clicked on an online advertisement to find out more information about a reverse mortgage.  I really didn't want to have numerous calls coming in from agents trying to sell me the deal.  I just wanted the basic information, perhaps given to me right there online.  But within minutes I received a call and thank goodness I answered it.  It was from Stan Kassan...

He patiently and courteously answered all my questions and did so without any pressure.  By the end of the call, I knew I had to learn more.  This just sounded too good to be true.  We made an appointment and he drove two hours to my home and laid out a plan.  He shared a way I could afford to stay for the rest of my life in the home I built and love, with enough money from the equity in my house to give me a very sizable lump sum amount along with an annually increasing line of credit until I pass away or need to sell the home for unforeseen reasons.
The only up-front cost was a telephone consultation to make sure I understood everything properly, which was $150 and an appraisal on the house which was $600.  All other costs for the mortgage closing and interests accrued will only be due when I pass away or sell the home.  AND, if the loan amount exceeds the worth of the home (say twenty years down the road), the government will make up the difference - not me or my heirs!!  If perchance, the value of my home surpasses what is owed on the mortgage, I or my heirs can sell the home, pay off the loan and keep the balance of the sale as profit!!
The loan is in the works; the appraiser was here this morning.  I am so grateful that this wonderful program is available for those of us in our "golden years".  This time something that looked like it was too good to be true was indeed really true and far exceeded any of my original expectations when I clicked that online button!!
Janet H.
Salisbury, Md.

Keith Havens

Managing Partner at Havens & Associates, LLC

"Stan is the consummate professional. Clients who work with Stan are in very good hands!"

Lisa Seltzer Becker

Family Law and Education Law Attorney at Offit Kurman, P.A.
Lisa was a client of Stan’s.

"Stan was extremely helpful to my client who was seeking a divorce and needed to refinance her house. He offered creative solutions to help her and successfully obtained for her the financing she needed. He is very knowledgeable about mortgages and a pleasure to work with."


Janet H. (6/25/2020)
Through all that's going on in the world, I'm so glad for my reverse mortgage.  It has done exactly what I had hoped for it to do.  It has given me a sense of security, even in the middle of my photography business shrinking down to just about zilch.