Reverse Mortgage Lender

Stan Kassan

NMLS#: 216810

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Don’t spend any more sleepless nights worrying about money. 

A safe, secure Reverse Mortgage from Norcom Mortgage will provide the peace of mind you need.

Why you should trust Norcom

There are lots of lenders out there, so shop around. Take a look at a lender’s reputation and their financial stability. You should be able to talk to a lender and feel comfortable that you’re getting good advice and you matter to them. A lender that makes loan decisions locally, like Norcom, can make it easier for you to monitor the progress of your application and answer any questions you may have more quickly.  A local lender also “knows the territory”.

Why you should have confidence in Stan Kassan

I am passionate about working with senior homeowners, improving their “quality of life” and giving them “peace of mind”. 

Service is my Number 1 priority.  You have my cell phone number and can reach me 24/7.

I follow through with each and every client – from start to finish and beyond we work together.

I have been in the financial services business for over thirty-five years and have earned the trust and confidence of a great number of clients. 


As not everyone qualifies for a Reverse Mortgage, we now have additional programs.